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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Storyboards and more art. :)

Hi everybody. I am getting more work done faster each update and I'm feeling more confident with how I'm drawing. Right now my family is watching Fireproof, while I rip it apart mst3k-style XD. Anyway, here's some art updates.

Storyboards for Alien Nation promo
While these both have their share of errors (you can see through Glork in the first pic, and the screen in the 2nd pic is slanted), I'm feeling more confident as I try to keep the atmosphere detailed as I storyboard. :)

Burnes Hogarth sketches
I really need to get into the habit of drawing more figures in order to really naturally draw people better. Luckily, I got started with my 2nd figure, with the female anatomy. Eventually, when I start my Studio Drawing 2 class, my Professor will help educate me on how to draw figures more fluentally.

Zombie Reindeer

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