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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

An old friend...

While I study for finals, I thought I'd familiarize you guys with an old friend from Sesame Street...

Yup folks, Barkley the dog. For those of you who grew up watching Sesame Street in the 90s or earlier on, Barkley was a regular muppet that would be seen with Maria or Bob; he also accompanied Big Bird on his trip to China and Japan (and no, I didn't see those two specials, but I want to).

Being that I'm becoming Nostalgic for Sesame Street again, I thought I go out and talk about Barkley a bit.

I've noticed that a lot of people who grew up watching Sesame Street, seem to have forgotten Barkley. I was surprised because he was known as the huge white and orange dog, which is about as subtle as Snuffy and his depression (pardon my sarcasm). Plus, I think why people are forgetting him now is because he seemed to have disappeared in the 21st century, save for the 40th season. 

And when I watch him on the old Sesame Street clips on youtube, I think about how much of a great character he was; he was like how any good dog should be: loyal, lovable, faithful, true and great at fetch. In a way, you forget that he's some guy in a dog suit and truly see how alive he is.

Here's a clip from an old episode in case you wanna see Barkley in action:

Until then, Peace, Love and Rock on!

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