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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas everybody!

Hey everybody! Just getting to the end of Christmas and showing some new art that I decided to draw today. But you wouldn't believe what I did for Christmas today-- I wound up going to a depressing Christmas play. *rollseyes*

Burnes Hogarth sketchdump
This time I'm really trying to work with muscle veins so I can really capture the believability of the human tissue. Not much to really criticize here; after all, it's Christmas. ;)

Tim Burton art
This was some Tim Burton art I decided to copy for the sake of learning style, most notably from TB's short film 'Vincent.' I think I know the inspiration for my recent Amelia Enmity sketch. ;)

The dark spaces look a little forced, and the bottom edges look kinda wobbly, but overall not bad. ;)

Santa Clause!!
You better watch out, because he just conquered some martians and took out the devil and he means business. XD

While this sketch is good, I think this looks too cute for my taste. I think I may try a different take on him next sketch.

Until next time, I wish you a Patrick Swayze Christmas and a happy new year (at least until I post before the new year ;))

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