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Friday, December 16, 2011

Last Day of Finals! Yay! :D

Hey guys. I thought you should know that today is the last day of Finals and the day I go back home for the Winter Break. Now I'll be able to get that 14 hour sleep that I deserve over the break. <3

Also, yesterday I overhauled a major art update since I accomplished two big Finals that I really needed to put ahead over my art. But here they are without further adue.

Batman under the Mistletoe
This was a picture that I copied from Modern Masters: Bruce Timm, seeing how it was fit for this holiday season, and since Catwoman's starring in the latest Chris Nolan Batman film.

I think I made Catwoman a little too big for Batman, in terms of proportion and height. But I still love the semigloss shading I did with the characters. And seeing how I wanted to experiment with character interactions, I'd say this is a good start :)

Bone Sketchdump
Looked back on my Bone stories book that I bought at a book store a week or so ago, and experimented with expressions and attempting to draw more poses. Not all of them are perfect, but they're good practice. :)

Barkley take 2
This is another drawing of Barkley I did to experiment with walking styles, and improve upon what I did with his previous sketch. He looks so much happier walking like that and his dog drool looks more messy. ;)

I may draw another sketch tonight to experiment with another pose.

That's all folks (until next time). 

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