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Sunday, December 11, 2011

One more week left!

Guess what people? School is gonna be out this week, which means all I have to do is get past finals and I'll be all done. Yay! :D In the meantime, enjoy some new artwork that I shall post.

Burnes Hogarth


Being that I haven't really used this book in so long, I decided to put some more practice into learning the human anatomy. Since I'll be taking Studio drawing next semester, these will help as a refresher course. Maybe I'll even use the anatomy book in class. :)

Tad Stone's Rocket character
On Tad Stone's blog, he was hard at work coming up with new designs for his character, Rocket. After writing a positive comment on his design, I decided to draw up a quick sketch of him based on what Tad drew. :)

Seeing that I also wanted to experiment with more action poses, rather than standing poses, I thought this would be of good practice. There's a few things that aren't perfect, like the way his foot foward was inked, but it's a good start. :)

If you're reading this Tad, enjoy. :)

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